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November 27, 2017


Hello, my name is Darel Long, the founder of Long Suicide Care.  Most people can never imagine the tumultuous loss, fear, and sadness survivors feel when loved ones, or friends, attempt or take their own lives.

I was a young boy when my father committed suicide in 1976 and still, to this day, as I passed my 51st birthday, some form of reflection occurs often.

Some survivors can read a note purporting a reason for suicide while others of us can only wonder” why” without a note to address the reasons.

Survivors of suicide, in my observation, seem to fall into various categories; some dangerously repeat the same tragedy, others suffer from depression.  Some take to sleeping to avoid feeling grief while others cover the pain by drinking, drugs, sex or other destructive behaviors.   The goal should be to rise above and enjoy life and reach out to others who need help.

For a while, I’ve considered offering a positive solution.  As an adult, I knew it was time to start a few steps to begin a mission to help others who are affected by the tragic loss of a parent who committed suicide.

I plan to sponsor grants with trusted counselors to help a limited number of persons deal with the tragic loss and provide grants to families who recently lost loved ones to the tragedy of suicide.

While I plan to establish grants, we will also begin support groups in the NRV area and Roanoke VA areas as well. The grants will alsoextend to Tacoma, WA, Miami, FL and Dallas, TX.  Please visit us March 2018, with future instructions.


ABOUT US, will be established as a self-funded non-profit on or before March 26, 2017.  We will not accept donations and no salary will be sought as the founder.  Our formation will be listed as a 501c (3) based in the state of Virginia.  Our private funding will be received from West Indies Home Deals, also established by March 26, 2016.  Donations to fund the early steps of formation and other needs will be provided by Darel’s Deals in early 2018. Additional permanent funding begins Oct 6, 2018 from LongAeronautics.

I believe care towards family and friends of those who attempted or committed suicide should be a provided for, and in the event of loved ones left behind, someone should reach out with a kind heart to help, where possible, with minor financial needs and a caring spirit.

I desire to assist during the difficult time by enlisting someone who will be there and provide help and care when and where possible.


Darel Lynwood Long